Current Projects


A PC/Steam/Switch indie horror game developed by me.


Vacuulus is a survival-horror game, but without blood/gore or macabre elements. You play as a young boy known for being a slob, waken in the middle of the night by a legendary monster known as the Vacuum Man (or Vacuulus). According to legend, you must clean your house to vanquish him, but while remaining unseen. The trailer can be seen here.

Where to play it?

It only has a demo available at the moment, which can be downloaded from its Steam page, or

The Child of Eden

The Child of Eden is an action/adventure webcomic, written and illustrated by me. It started debuting on the internet in January, 2016 and is still currently ongoing.


In a tribal war-torn planet, exists a massive metal civilization, known for leading the industrial revolution of the world. In it lives Zak, a deeply depressed 14 year old miner who dreams of leaving the caves in which he works, forever. After traversing too far in the deepest caves, Zak finds a very young troubled runaway named Tikal, who desperately needs his help.

Where to read it?

It can be read here, on and the paperback print of the first volume may be purchased here.